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You may ask why we chose to raise these gentle giants. The answer is simple, we fell in LOVE with them!

Donkey Meadows has over 15 years of experience in raising, training and keeping these wonderful equines and are passionate about sharing and educating people about them. We hope to expand into breeding in the future to help preserve this breed. But for now, we will do our best to turn everyone into donkey lovers!


We are a small farm located in beautiful Western Loudoun County, in Purcellville, Virginia, where we raise the American Mammoth Jackstock. This is the LARGEST size Donkey. These Donkeys are beautiful, fun, intelligent, gentle giants. At Donkey Meadows we concentrate on educating the public about the American Mammoth Jackstock. Our desire is to inform others of all the wonderful qualities, abilities and history of this great animal. However, they are now listed on the “watch” list for endangerment. At Donkey Meadows we use our Donkeys for riding companions. When visiting our farm you will learn the history of the Mammoth Donkey and all their magnificent traits.

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